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[x] Namesake: A Fancast

Angel Coulby as Emma Crewe
Yasmin Paige as Elaine Crewe
Ben Barnes as Warrick Chopper
Natalie Dormer as Selva Chopper

So, it is currently 1 AM where I’m at, and I spent all last night and most of today reading through the webcomic, Namesake. I stumbled upon it yesterday, and fell in love - and that doesn’t happen easily with me, when it comes to webcomics. This now makes three that I thoroughly enjoy - and I love the art and storyline for it. Now, simply from years and years of roleplaying, I have this habit of fancasting characters in my head without even realizing it. I’m sure I can’t be the only one - but I decided to put together some of the characters from this webcomic, as the actors/actresses I imagined them portrayed by in my head. This is wholly my own opinion, and I’m positive that it isn’t perfect - of course everyone sees things differently, and I am a-okay by that. Just don’t needlessly bash it because you don’t see it that way, mkay?