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It’s the only place I can go where people don’t  t a l k  t o  m e.

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they did not know Henry the way she did —they did not know he was silent because he preferred to listen —that he was not hard just accustomed to a life of hard men who always had their way by using others —no one knew how determined he was to remain on his throne and not lose it like so many before him —they did not know he was ashamed to smile, for his blackened teeth embarrassed him…

[ from a lovely fic by bosworthy ]

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she is not truly beautiful, but something about her draws the eye.

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Song of the Lonely Mountain: Part Two

(Part One)

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When she had commanded the Unsullied to choose officers from amongst themselves, Grey Worm had been their overwhelming choice for the highest rank. Dany had put Ser Jorah over him to train him for command, and the exile knight said that so far the young eunuch was hard but fair, quick to learn, tireless, and utterly unrelenting in his attention to detail.  x

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ideal hogwarts students:

  • aromantic wizards being absolutely immune to amortentia, it only smelling like the ingredients put into it when they smell it, and teaching other students how to identify the stuff on any food or drink
  • gender confused ravenclaw leafing through glossarys of pronouns and accidentally getting 80% of the class to stay up leafing through similar glossarys, screaming out pronouns in the common room when they think they found one that may fit
  • slytherin students sometimes taking polyjuice potion to pose as one of their depressed members who was having a bad day and really couldn’t bring themselves to classes
  • kids who read about the second great wizarding war and, when reading about Severus Snape’s brave acts, argue “well yeah ok but he was kind of an asshole still?”

—Wizard broomchairs instead of wheelchairs. No need to worry about stairs when you’re floating, right? Just say “up” to it like you would with a broomstick and it hovers a comfortable 7 inches from the ground, though it can be raised and lowered depending on the wizard’s preference/mood.

—No one giving Wizards with ADD/learning/organizational disabilities any guff about the rememberalls they carry on hand. 

—Aspie and autistic Wizards with dazzling proficiency in more mysterious and complex branches of magic like Wandlore and wandmaking.

—The books in Hogwart’s library reacting to dyslexic students trying to read them and helping them: breaking up paragraphs, highlighting words, sometimes reading themselves aloud if the student is having a particularly difficult time or has eyesight problems.

—Professors enchanting gloves to use sign language next to them as they teach for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

—Neville Longbottom instigating a schoolwide program to foster better communication between students and teachers and better regulation of how house points are handed out, and the general effort toward a less stressful learning environment, referred to lovingly by students as ‘Deebass,” from the joking acronym, “Don’t Be A Snape”


will you shrink me like this tiny cat?

tell me why you would do such a thing?

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Things I should be doing: Writing

Things I am doing: Imagining random shit from the story I want to write without actually thinking them through and then forgeting about them.


i’m so happy about that scene between brienne and olenna. when olenna said “my god” you know what brienne was thinking: that olenna was going to make some rude comment about her size/appearance, as everyone else does. she was totally bracing herself for it. and olenna then proceeded to fangirl all over her and praise her for her skill and you can see that it surprised brienne so much and i just really loved that scene okay

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